Sunday, January 30, 2011


 In the modern age computer must perform tasks as with the speed of light, so that it is able to control robot in space, 50 million kms away. This bring about the idea to build an “Optical Computer”, that work open onlight(photons) instead of electrons or combination of both. Research is in full progress into a next generation computer utilizing the properties of light . The so-called “Optical Computer” of the future is the subject of discussion by  researchers all over the world,  as to its possibilities and problems along the way to realization.Optical switch , optical gates, function interconnection module,pipelined processors, storage elements, optical array logic, image processing and to have detail about light and  molecules used to make thin films of optical computer. Thus this fast speed optical computer will make some “impossible thing to look like ‘I am possible’”…. Optics is entering all phases of computer technology. How and why optics is likely to be used in next generation computers and optical devices for optical computing, optical associative memories, optical interconnections and optical logic. All optical components will have the advantage of speed over electro-optical (EO) devices the unique advantage optics enjoys over conventional electronics and why this trend will continue

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