Sunday, January 30, 2011


Biomagnetism is a combination of two sciences; Physics and
Biology. It is the science where specifically designed magnets and their
energy fields are used to affect the living system- the human body or what is
called the Body electric. There are some basic physical laws that come into
play with the body electric. The body electric is the energy flow found in the
human body. This energy flow is the collective result of minute electrical
currents and cellular charge values that runs the body and all its function.
Biomagnetism can change and elevate the electrical currents and charges
thereby increasing the efficient of the body’s functional metabolism.
A new field of scientific research called Biomagnetism was
evolved after the major discovering of magnetic field associated with the flow
of electric current in the human body. Biomagnetism deals with the study of
magnetic contaminants of the body. The science of Biomagnetism applies a
technology that was originally developed for the measurement of extremely
small magnetic field in physics.

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