Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Google’s Android ‘Smart Glasses’ Coming In 2012 End For Less Than $600

Remember Google Goggles? The app that tells you everything about anything just from a picture. Now, guess what will happen if someone changes it into physical goggles and put it in front of your eyes! Well, Google’s Project X is doing exactly the same and if the rumors are to be believed, you might be able to own them by the end of the year.
Google hasn’t said anything about the product, but according to people who are working on the “head-display” project, these glasses may become reality and could be available for public use soon. These glasses will be powered by Android O.S. (no surprises here!) and will have a small screen in front of user’s eye. They are supposed to be fully equipped with broadband connectivity like 3G, 4G etc. They will also have motion detector and GPS. That’s not it, it will also have a unique head tilting and scrolling mechanism, in which you will use the tilt of your head to scroll and click. Picture it when you are going for a walk in a park and most of the people are doing this!
The glasses will also have a built-in camera which will collect information about the real world around you. The display would be augmented reality based, meaning that all the information you get through your smartphone will be displayed in front of eyes, not as a separate display but augmenting it with real world. Amazing, isn’t it! The price range of these glasses is supposed to be$250-$600. This is actually a big range, but as nobody knows much about the product, it’s hard to comment on what exactly they are going to offer in this range.
The concept of smart glasses has been shown a lot of times in different trade shows, but nobody has actually been able to implement this. Looks like Google is going to make it happen this time. So, just wait till the end of the year and you might be able to wear all the features of your smartphone!

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