Thursday, February 10, 2011

jntu industry oriented mini project

Hello friends
All JNTU B-Tech III/II have to do a industry oriented mini project 
We were very confused as to what we had to do as this was only a mini project on whether we have to go to industry,scope of project etc.
But as in most colleges we were given choice to a study project or kit based and this could be done in an Institute,Industry or own.
Most of chose to do a study project and were given permission for this and we had to submit this report as soon as IV/I starts and had to work on project in III/II break.This project will be evaluated during IV/II.
Basically in this mini project student can take up any Industry oriented application in his/her field of interest in their respective field/branch.
First one has to submit an Abstract of the project to their concerned depatment head(HOD) and once he approves it ,he will assign a project guide to the individiual or batch after this project work is to be started. Generally batch for a mini project may have 1 to 3 members in it.
A mini project may come upto anywhere between 50 to 100 pages.
Impotant Points:
  1. There is no page limit only thing to be considered is that concept is complete.
  2. One must acquire all data and concepts related to one's project.
  3. The Format Guidelines given by respective Dept.heads for report layout.
  4. Project should have good idustry oriented applications.

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